Jacqui Shoemaker has a heart of gold and unbridled enthusiasm.  Jacqui grew up in central Minnesota, where she met and married her husband Tim.  Together they raised 4 wonderful children.  Her life has taken her from the lakes of Minnesota to the prairies of North & South Dakota, and now Jacqui, her husband Tim, and their daughter Maeghyn make the rolling hills of Kearney Missouri their home.

Jacqui has an education in finance, and a background in banking and property management.  While living in South Dakota, Jacqui was the Office/Finance Manager for her local church.  Since moving to Missouri, she has been making custom cakes for family and friends.

Jacqui’s life experiences have prepared her to provide the utmost care and quality service to all of her real estate clients and customers.

Jacqui Shoemaker is energetic, unforgettable, and dedicated to fulfilling all of your real estate needs.
Jacqui Shoemaker photo
Jacqui Shoemaker